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"Nutrimexx" - a German quality brand for innovative food supplements captures the world. The Nutrimexx brand can be purchased exclusively at leading mail order pharmacies or through our online shop.

The brand "Nutrimexx" is the private label of HCP GmbH, based in Hannover, Germany.

Wulf-Dieter Freude, a German pharmacist and current co-owner of HCP GmbH was unsatisfied for many years with the supplements available on the market. He desired for his customers and himself dietary supplements which were of the highest quality AND tasted great as well.

Since he found no adequate product on the market, he developed - by using his huge pharmaceutical knowledge - his own recipes and sold the products first on a scale in his Heide-pharmacy in Hanover-Langenhagen. As demand grew, he decided to produce his formulas in large quantities and offer them everybody to improve their well-being: That was the birth of the brand "Nutrimexx"!

Today, "Nutrimexx" offers a wide range of high quality dietary supplements! Check it out by yourself - boost your wellbeing.