Frequently asked questions - FAQs


Where are manufactured Nutrimexx products?
Nutrimexx products are "Made in Germany" and being manufactured in Germany.


Where can I buy Nutrimexx products?
Nutrimexx products are available online at or in the pharmacy.


What distinguishes Nutrimexx products from other dietary supplements?
In addition to high quality of raw materials and the manufacturing process, we have drawn a lot of attention that Nutrimexx products have a great taste!


I have a lactose or gluten intolerance. Can I take Nutrimexx products?
Both for people with lactose intolerance ( "lactose intolerance") as well as for people with gluten intolerance, we have our products marked with a seal. Look for the seal or the detailed product page. 


I am a vegan. Can I take Nutrimexx products?
Most Nutrimexx products are vegan. Please pay attention to the vegan seal on the detail page of our products, to find out whether your product is vegan.


Can my children also use Nutrimexx - products?
Everyone needs vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the products of Nutrimexx are generally suitable for children. However, please note the reduced intake recommendation. If you are unsure, please ask your pharmacist or contact us.


I'm pregnant or breast-feeding. Can I use Nutrimexx products?
Especially in pregnancy or lactation increases the need for some vitamins and minerals. Generally Nutrimexx products can also be taken during pregnancy and lactation. We recommend caution when taking vitamin A and D. Both vitamins are needed - what matters is the dosage. Please contact your pharmasist if you are not sure.


I take medication. Can I take Nutrimexx products together with medications?
Generally, you can take Nutrimexx products with other medicines. Partially Nutrimexx products can even reduce side effects of your medicine.